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RGIII (Robert Griffin III) Soon To Be Single
RGIII (Robert Griffin III) Soon To Be Single

One moment you’re strolling with your girlfriend on a college campus making plans for an exciting future playing professional football. The next you’re filing for divorce, having experienced injuries, and the loss of your QB job with the Washington Redskins, a team that paid an extraordinarily high price to draft you. For Robert Griffin III, aka RGIII, you’ve now moved to Cleveland in the attempt to resurrect your career and perhaps move your life in a different direction. On September 7, perhaps for the aforementioned reasons, Griffin III filed a Texas petition for dissolution of his three-year marriage to college sweetheart Rebecca Liddicoat.

At this time, supposedly reliable sources state that the breakup is not amicable and things may get ugly during the divorce case. Liddicoat and Griffin separated after she learned that RGIII was seeing another woman, Florida State student-athlete Grete Sadeiko. Supposedly Griffin and Sadeiko met on Instagram just seven months after Liddicoat gave birth.

In late summer, Griffin announced that he had split up with Liddicoat and made his relationship with Sadeiko public. RGIII got Sadeiko’s name tattooed on his arm while making numerous posts and photos of the new couple on social media. Despite these apparent serious demonstrations by Griffin and Sadeiko, Liddicoat was apparently still trying to save the marriage and devastated when she learned that Griffin had filed a divorce petition. A custody battle may likely occur over the couple’s one-year old daughter.

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