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Rock n’ Shared Parenting
Rock n’ Shared Parenting

Lead singer of the rock band Blue October, Justin Furstenfeld, has some experience when it comes to family law and shared parenting.  The band’s newest album “Any Man in America” tackles the issues he faced and kicks off the bands new initiative in shared parenting.

Justin Furstenfeld became a father in 2007 when his daughter, Blue, was born.  However, not long after his daughter’s birth he found himself locked in a custody battle with his now ex-wife.  He spoke with Noisecreep about this troubling time in his life that drove him to the point of a mental breakdown.  “These past few years have been hell… “It’s been such a tough time dealing with my mental breakdown and the custody issues. All of my friends just disappeared from my life. It was just me and my songs in the studio for two years straight. I was only seeing my daughter every two months for four days – and that’s if she would show up. For example, I have to go pick her up tomorrow morning in Nebraska and bring her back to Texas for seven days. But she called me up this morning say that she didn’t want to be around me because of someone I’ve been seeing. I felt like saying, “I already bought the tickets. That’s your college fund I’m using up.” I feel a little strange being this honest with you, but I know there are a lot of men going through the same thing as I am right now.”

During this time of isolation and stress he worked on the album “Any Man in America” which he and the band started on a 40 city tour for back on August 18th. But, this is only the start of Furstenfeld’s work toward family law reform.  In numerous interviews he’s discussed the need for both parents and how currently that is not the case in most courtrooms.

Earlier this week the band uploaded a new website in support of shared parenting.  There is even a feature where people can upload photos and messages for their kids and in honor of their families.

This message seems to be well received by fans and listeners alike.  The number of photos on the site in such a short time is a reminder of how many parents are separated from, and longing for time with, their children.  The album, which debuted last week, has reached number 8 on Billboards hottest 100 albums.

Blue October will continue their collaboration with ACFC to promote shared parenting.


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