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Ryan Phillippe Remains a Role Model for Divorced Dads
Ryan Phillippe Remains a Role Model for Divorced Dads

Ryan Phillippe, from the films MacGruber and Cruel Intentions, has been divorced from his ex-wife, actress Reese Witherspoon (Legally Blonde, Walk the Line), for four years.  “I still have sadness about my divorce,” Phillippe explained, “but my aim is always to progress – to be a better father, a better boyfriend, a better friend, a better actor. My goals are to improve in all areas of life.”

Phillippe and Witherspoon have two children, a daughter, Ava (10), and a son, Deacon (6).  Phillippe, now 35, spends time with his two kids on a regular basis and has not let his split from Witherspoon get in the way of his role as a father.  His philosophy on why he stays so involved is that “if you’re fearful and you’re closing yourself off from potentially wonderful or beautiful additions to your life, that’s not going to lead anywhere positive.”

The actor has also taken a different approach to parenting.  “Since the time my children were just one or two years old, I’ve spoken to them like they’re intelligent, and used bigger words than maybe they could comprehend at the time. I talked to them not necessarily as equals but as valued individuals.  They’re really well behaved and conscientious.”

The Men’s Divorce Law Firm values Ryan Phillippe’s approach to fatherhood after his divorce.  We fight for fathers’ rights every day, but it’s always important for fathers to make it their own mission to be a strong role model for their children.

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