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Safeguarding Your Marriage from Affairs
Safeguarding Your Marriage from Affairs

When a spouse has an affair, it is difficult for the marriage to recover. Thus, it is essential for married couples to take every precaution to safeguard their marriage and prevent affairs. While there is no guaranteed method for keeping an affair from happening, below are a few ways you can reduce the likelihood of one destroying your relationship:

  • Communicate about your problems. No relationship is perfect, so it is important to discuss what is bothering you. Holding in a grievance can allow it to fester and grow until it becomes a much larger issue than it should be.
  • Get involved in each other’s lives. It is normal for you to each have your own interests, but it is imperative that you spend time together. Stay informed on what is going on in your spouse’s life and let him or her know you are interested.
  • Watch your alcohol intake. If you’re away from your spouse, watch how many cocktails you drink. Alcohol lowers your inhibitions and can lead you to doing something you will regret in the morning.
  • Show your attraction for your spouse. Feeling appreciated can increase anyone’s libido. Flirt with your spouse and find ways to let him or her know that you are still attracted to him or her. If you’re not getting attention at home, it is easy to get distracted by someone new.
  • Limit your complaining. Airing out your dirty laundry with co-workers or friends can lead to an emotional affair. If you are turning to somebody of the opposite sex more than your spouse, you’re heading down a dangerous path.
  • Be honest with yourself. If you’re doing seemingly innocent things you normally wouldn’t do in front of your spouse with somebody from the opposite sex, you are opening the door for an emotional and/or physical affair. Keeping secrets about a “friendship” with somebody from the opposite sex is often an indicator that you’re crossing a line. Being transparent with your spouse is important.

There is no sure way to affair-proof your marriage, but open communication and being attentive to each other is vital to maintain intimacy. However, if you are unable to make your marriage work or an affair does break your relationship, let us help you.

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