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Setting Facebook Rules for Kids
Setting Facebook Rules for Kids

All Pro Dad recently reported that if Facebook members were a country, the social media site would be the world’s 4th largest behind China, India, and the United States. 

This figure supports the claim that more and more children are going to want to access Facebook at a younger age because they are growing up in a “wired” world.  While it can be difficult to monitor children’s activity online to keep them safe, All Pro Dad recommends a few tips fathers can look to when setting Facebook rules for children.

1) Parents should always have the password to their child’s Facebook page if they are a minor.  Emphasize to kids that you are not trying to invade their privacy, but are instead making sure the appropriate privacy levels are in place.

2) Correspondence from Facebook should go directly to a family email account so parents can view any suspicious messages.

3) Children should not be allowed to add people to their “Friends” if they do not know them.

4) Keep the computer in a family area of the house so that the screen will be visible when children are online.

5) If any of the rules are broken, put the child’s Facebook account on hold for a short period as punishment so that they do not have access to the site.

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