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Shane Mosley’s Net Worth Takes Wallop from Judge
Shane Mosley’s Net Worth Takes Wallop from Judge

“Sugar” Shane Mosley took a few punches in his career, but nothing quite like the haymaker thrown by a family law judge.

The three-time champion has apparently been dodging his child support obligations like he did so many jabs in the past. Mosley didn’t make a single payment for almost a year so an order has been issued requiring the boxer to pay ex-wife Jin Mosley a whopping $180,000, according to TMZ.

Unfortunately for Mosley, the judge wasn’t done.

The former couple had a tax debt and Mosley’s portion came to around $85,000 to bring the financial obligation to $265,000. And that’s before the judge ordered Shane Mosley to pay her attorney fees, which touted a bill of $50,000, making the final total approximately $315,000.

Generally, every party is responsible for their own legal fees when filing or defending a lawsuit or other legal action. However, when the court finds that one side is acting in an abusive or frivolous manner, it can force the offending party to pay the other side’s attorney fees. The rationale being that the offending party has essentially wasted everyone’s time and money.

Coincidentally, Mosley could find himself hit with another $75,000 legal fees in a case with Victor Conte. Conte was the founder of Bay-Area Laboratory Co-operative (BALCO), a pharmaceutical company that was linked to Lance Armstrong, Barry Bonds and Bill Romanowski during their steroid scandals. Mosley filed a defamation suit against Conte and recently dismissed it. Conte is now asking for $75,000 based on the “frivolous” lawsuit, according to Conte’s lawyer Judd Burstein.

While the Conte suit could cost Mosley money because he was too aggressive, the $50,000 payment ordered in the family court is likely the result of Mosley’s refusal to pay his child support. Had he done so in a timely manner, his ex-wife wouldn’t have had to bring the matter to the court and incur the legal fees.

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