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Social Media in China – Is it Causing the Increase in Divorces?
Social Media in China – Is it Causing the Increase in Divorces?

According to Mashable, Chinese Olympian Liu Xiang recently announced that he and actress Ge Tian are divorcing after only nine months of marriage. The hurdler’s announcement brought on many comments and rumors from the public. It seems that the Chinese react to their celebrity divorces the same as the Americans.

It is no laughing matter to the Chinese government, however. Although China still has a fairly low divorce rate, it has been increasing for 12 consecutive years. There are many theories as the cause of the divorce rate increasing, including:

  • China’s notoriously difficult university entrance exam
  • Fake divorces used to avoid paying more taxes when a couple sells a second home (in fact, many couples remarry once the home is sold)
  • The pressure men feel to provide for their families
  • In some parts of China it is the extreme heat
  • Social media

Many believe that the use of social media to have affairs and contact mistresses is the leading cause of divorce. People get lost in the world of texting and messaging and forget to stay involved in their family. In fact, it seems almost every extramarital affair has some connection with a mobile phone.

There are also many that believe social media cannot be blamed for the divorce rate. They claim the blame lands solely on humans and the fact that we are becoming more self-centered than ever before. The use of social media is simply indicative of many unhappy marriages.

Even in happy marriages, the use of social media can be a problem. Most every spouse can complain about the amount of time their partner spends on their phone or the computer. Thus, when you think about the time you spend with your family, it is important to consider whether you are actually spending the majority of that time looking at a screen instead of them.

If you are in an unhappy marriage and you believe divorce is in your future, it is time to get help. Meeting with one of our knowledgeable attorneys does not mean that you must get divorced, but it will allow you to get answers to your questions and to take steps to protect yourself.

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