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Somerhalder – Reed Marriage: Will it Last?
Somerhalder – Reed Marriage: Will it Last?

Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed had their wedding at sunset on April 26th. The couple began dating less than a year ago in July of 2014. There are already skeptics touting that they do not believe the couple’s fast-tracked relationship will stand the test of time.

This isn’t Nikki’s first marriage. She was married to Paul McDonald, an American Idol singer, very briefly. Sources claim the 26 year old is making the same mistake by rushing into marriage with Ian.

The May 18 edition of OK! Magazine explains, “It may seem like a match made in vampire heaven, but the sudden wedding of Twilight actress Nikki Reed and The Vampire Diaries star Ian Somerhalder is raising some eyebrows. While the PDA prone couple have been inseparable since hooking up last July, sources in their inner circle tell us that their sprint down the aisle could be too much, too soon.”

Whether you are famous or not, jumping into marriage after less than a year of dating typically does not end well. Sources claim that Nikki gets caught up in the moment and jumps into marriage, but later, when the newness wears off, she is done. However, Ian knows all about her first marriage and he dove headfirst into their relationship anyway. Hopefully, Ian will not get his heart broken and the second time will be the charm for Nikki.

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