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Summer Job Search Tips for Your Kids
Summer Job Search Tips for Your Kids

The school year is quickly coming to an end, and most kids are trying to figure out their plans for summer.  As a parent, encourage them to use the time to save up some cash for fun activities with their friends.  The Men’s Divorce Law Firm has compiled some tips on how to guide your children to success this summer by landing a great job.

1. There is a job for everyone.  If your kids are at least 15, they can go out in the work force and look for typical summer jobs.  A lot of theme parks, beach clubs, and hotels hire extra help for the summer to handle the increase in vacation guests, so advise your kids to start their search there.  For younger children, recommend they determine their most useful skills to help out people in their neighborhood.  Babysitting, mowing lawns, and cleaning houses are common choices, and your kids will likely get work from nearby friends and family members.

2. Preparation is key.  Many teenagers are not aware of the level of professionalism they need to show during the job search process because they have never looked for a job before.  Encourage good habits of arriving to interviews early, dressing conservatively when visiting possible job sites, maintaining a professional voice mail message, and treating everyone (even the receptionist and security guard) at a potential company with respect.  Employers will be impressed with your child’s maturity, and will most likely consider them before other candidates.

3. Don’t dismiss unpaid positions.  Some children only want to work to earn money, but explain the value of completing volunteer work or an internship to build up a resume.  Your child may be too young to land a great position now, but offering to work for a reputable company without pay is a great way to get their foot in the door for opportunities down the line.  It also will look great on college applications later!

4. There are five No’s for every Yes.  In this economic environment, your children may not get the first job they apply for.  They may not even get the fifth job they apply for.  It’s up to you as the parent to encourage them to keep trying.  Going to interviews and formatting resumes for companies is a great way for your children to learn how to conduct an effective job search.  Remind them you are proud of them for taking initiative, and play an active role in helping them by conducting mock interviews and editing their resumes as they continue to search.

When your child lands a job, consider reading our blog post on Teaching Your Kids Financial Responsibility for tips on helping them manage their money.