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Take the All Pro Dad Back to School Challenge
Take the All Pro Dad Back to School Challenge

The father-oriented website has released a 30-day back to school challenge for fathers who want to get even closer to their kids.

Even parents who have great relationships with their kids would say that they would be happier to know them better, get them talking, and strengthen their bond.  All Pro Dad designed the 30-day back to school child challenge to help guide parents to feel closer to their kids in just thirty days with simple steps each day.

Just like your child will be coming home with homework you have some work of your own.  Some example “assignments” are:

1. Eat lunch at school with your child.

2. Say, “The one thing I really admire about you is ________________.”

3. Ask your child what they want to be when they grow up.

4. Share your funniest memory from school.

5. Hug your kid three times.

It is simple, easy, and effective.  Even better, it’s 100% free from All Pro Dad’s website.  Click here to see the challenge and download it as a PDF.