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Tennessee Pushing for Equal Child Custody
Tennessee Pushing for Equal Child Custody

Some lawmakers in Tennessee are currently pushing for an initial presumption of a 50-50 split in regards to child custody.  These officials are questioning why mothers so often get automatic custody of their children during a divorce.  Supporters of the bill hope that it will even the playing field and make the court consider the mother and father equally when assigning custody.

A local father, William Fain, explained how every study shows children are better off with two fit parents.  He then responded to critics who asked how it is better for the child to be shuffling back and forth between homes by saying that the court should have intervened when his family moved frequently because one of his parents was in the military.  “I went to seven schools in twelve years, and the state never said that’s bad for your child,” Fain shared.

No other state in the country has passed legislation like this, so it is uncertain how the vote will turn out next week in Tennessee.  The Men’s Divorce Law Firm is pleased to see others taking action against the inequality fathers face in the courtroom.  Whether or not the bill passes, we hope it will open more people’s eyes to the Men’s Divorce Law Firm’s mission of promoting fathers, families, and fairness.

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