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The Divorce Ring
The Divorce Ring

Most people do everything in their power to overcome or forget the loss of their significant other following a divorce.  However, new trends across the world, such as divorce celebrations in Japan, are looking at divorce in a new way.  Is the “Divorce Ring” America’s first step to celebrating divorce?

Jewelers Spritzer and Furman are the creators of this 18-Carat Gold split-heart divorce ring.  In the center are four cut diamonds which ups the price-tag of the whole ring to a whopping $3,200 USD.

Perhaps the design of the split heart with the diamonds stemming from the center was meant to symbolize some kind of rebirth stemming from the broken heart.  So it may have been the designers mentality to create something to signify and celebrate overcoming a difficult, and in some cases lengthy and tiring, part of your life.  Another proposed meaning is the diamonds represent a dagger.  Cutting through the remnants of a bad marriage and relationship left within your heart.

The other question which arises is which finger do you wear it on?  Emily Abbate of Cafe has a creative suggestion.

People have done creative things with their old wedding rings and other symbolic jewelry in the past.  From websites that specialize in re-selling the jewelery relationships that didn’t work out such as I do now I don’, to the woman who made her ring look like stitches, representing the son that kept her and her ex together.  This ring is just another form of managing the hardships of a divorce.

What do you think about the Divorce Ring?  Would you spend $3,200 on it?