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The Silver or Grey Divorce Phenomena
The Silver or Grey Divorce Phenomena

According to a recent article in the New York Times, couples are divorcing later in life. This is commonly referred to as a “silver divorce” or “gray divorce.” According to the National Center for Family and Marriage Research at Bowling Green State University in Ohio, in 2014 couples age 50 and over were twice more likely to divorce than those in 1990. The rate was even higher for individuals ages 65 or more. Meanwhile, the divorce rate for other age groups has plateaued.

Why are married couples calling it quits? Some believe it is because many older couples are in the second or even third marriages. The issues facing blended families results in a divorce rate that is approximately two and a half times more than those in a first marriage.

Another factor is that people have a longer life expectancy. Thus, couples who grow apart don’t want to stay in a relationship that is no longer satisfying or loving, especially when they expect to live another 30 or more years.

Additionally, divorce no longer has the stigma that it once did. Because divorce rates have been so high in our country, being divorced at any age is more acceptable. As a result, women have been more proactive in ending marriages than they have in the past. In fact, women initiate an estimated 60% of divorces after the age of 40, according to AARP.

Finally, once the children are grown and the couple realizes they no longer need to stay together for them anymore, staying in an so-so relationship is no longer appealing. Differences between the spouses become more apparent after retirement when they are around each other 24/7.

If you have come to the conclusion that life is too short to remain in an unhappy marriage and you are considering filing for divorce, let us help. Whatever age you are, divorce can be a complex and emotional process. With us by your side, the process will be much smoother and your best interests will be protected.

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