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The Top 5 Films for Dads
The Top 5 Films for Dads

With Father’s Day fast approaching you may be picking your brain for what you can do with, or get, “Dad.”  Pass on the tie or slippers this year, plan for some time, and reach for the popcorn.  These are some of the best movies to sit down and watch with any father.

Even though every dad will have his own opinion on movies: Angelina Jolee versus Megan Fox, Star Trek versus Star Wars, The Rock versus Vin Diesel, and so on, there are some movies which seem  to resonate more with fathers than others.  Be it a tale of a father-son relationship overcoming trial, or a sports flick, here are five father-approved films which are sure to please even the most choosy of critics.

Number 5: The Road

If The Pursuit of Happyness took place after the apocalypse, it would look a lot like this. The movie follows the plight of a father and son who are trying to survive in a barren wasteland.  This film is a smart choice for the dad who likes action packed nail-biters.

Number 4: The Pursuit of Happiness

Real-life father-son team Will Smith and Jayden Smith play the roles of one of the most powerful father-son relationships to hit the big screen in a long time.  In this film Will Smith fights to keep his bond with his son alive, overcoming numerous trials and adversities to do so.  What makes this film even better is that it was inspired by the true story of Chris Gardner and his son, Christopher.

Number 3: Back to the Future

There are few movies that personify the ’80s more than this comedy/drama/sci-fi icon. Michael J. Fox was in his prime when this was shot, and the film made the DeLorean a legend. Who doesn’t love seeing Marty McFly stand up for his dad in his younger days?  This film is likely to win big points in nostalgia for most fathers.

Number 2: The Empire Strikes Back

The Empire Strikes Back is the second film of the original Star Wars trilogy, making it number five if you’re counting through all six films in order.  This film is widely hailed to be the best of the whole set, even among the original three.  It introduces some of the most iconic characters possibly in all movie history and reveals Luke Skywalker’s origins, this movie can be re-watched again and again by itself or as part of a marathon.  Just beware, side effects may include your dad making corny jokes about being “your father.”

Number 1: Field of Dreams

If there was a movie that had all which is “Dad” wrapped up into a neat package it’s Field of Dreams.  It has everything that appeals to fathers: sports (baseball), great acting (James Earl Jones), and a touching father-son relationship.  This movie runs so deep you may even see your dad shed a tear.

So if you’re looking for something to do with dad on Father’s Day, trying to figure out the perfect gift, or just want to spend some time with him, pop the popcorn, pop in one of these films, and let the bonding begin.

Jeffrey Feulner and the Men’s Divorce Law Firm encourage sons and daughters of all ages to set aside time for their fathers this coming Father’s Day.  Let your dad know how much you care by spending some unprompted quality time with him.