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The Top 5 Strangest Divorce Laws
The Top 5 Strangest Divorce Laws

Let’s be honest: divorcing your spouse can be a strange, bewildering experience.  But hey, it could be weirder. The cities and states  below are home to divorce laws that are so unusual, they’ll have you scratching your head.

1. New Mexico and Mississippi

In cases of what’s called “alienation of affection” — when a third party is held responsible for the failure of a marriage — New Mexico and Mississippi give scorned spouses the right to sue their ex spouse’s lover for damages.

2.  Delaware

Marriage is no laughing matter for most people, but in Delaware, a couple can file to have their union annulled if they entered into it as a “jest” or “dare.”

3.  Wichita, Kansas

In Wichita, Kansas, it’s written into law that a man’s mistreatment of his mother-in-law can’t be used as grounds for divorce.

4.  Rhode Island

In Rhode Island, simply objecting to a marriage is legal grounds to prevent it from happening. Although the century-old statute doesn’t specify what a “lawful objection” is, the law is still on the books and enough to scare prospective newlyweds from ticking off any wedding guests.

5.  Kentucky

In Kentucky, it’s illegal to remarry the same person four times, so residents of the state would do well to think twice before taking a repeat trip down the aisle.


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