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Third Time isn’t the Charm for Jermaine Jackson
Third Time isn’t the Charm for Jermaine Jackson

The Jackson family has been in the news quite a bit lately, but this time it is Jermaine Jackson that finds himself in the headlines.

Jermaine’s wife, Halima Rashid, filed a petition for divorce from Jermaine, according to TMZ. There is a request for spousal support included. Her request will have to rely solely on her own concerns since the two never had any children, thus eliminating child support as a source of payment.

The date of separation stated in the paperwork is also quite telling. November 28, 2015, wasn’t just the day the relationship ended, it also doubled as the day when Rashid was taken away by police on a charge of felony corporal injury. She was soon released on a $50,000 bond, and the case itself was eventually dropped because the police couldn’t determine which party was the aggressor in the matter. While the vulgarity of the fight is unknown, TMZ reported that Jermaine spit on Rashid while the latter bit the former on the leg.

Jermaine, who is Michael Jackson’s older brother, grew up as a member of the famed Jackson 5 with their other brothers Tito, Jackie, and Marlon. He separated from the group in 1975 when the other brothers left Motown Records to sign with Epic Records. While the exact reason is unclear for his defection from the group, it’s worth nothing that his then-wife, Hazel Gordy, was the daughter of Motown executive Berry Gordy.

Jermaine’s solo career enjoyed a nice start with a few top 100 hits and a Grammy nomination for his album, “Let’s Get Serious.” That success apparently wasn’t sustained, as he has been hit with multiple court orders to pay back child support. In 2011, Jackson had to pony up $80,000, with two more orders coming in 2013 worth an approximate total of $45,0000.

More than likely, Jermaine’s lawyers will work hard to either get the claim for spousal support eliminated or reduced based on his current financial standing. The court takes into account the solvency and earning power of both parties before awarding any such payments.

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