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Top 5 Reasons to Meet with an Attorney Before your Divorce
Top 5 Reasons to Meet with an Attorney Before your Divorce

Many people make the mistake of waiting until they are ready to file their divorce paperwork before meeting with an attorney. Having a lawyer assist you during the decision-making process can be extremely helpful. Just because you are conferring with a divorce attorney does not mean that you must actually file for divorce. Below are 5 reasons you should consider meeting with an experienced divorce attorney early in the process:

  1. If you are worried about your finances and what divorce will mean for your future, a lawyer can review your situation and give a realistic idea of what to expect. Your attorney can help you understand whether you will likely have to pay alimony, child support and how the division of assets will be handled.
  2. If you are in a domestic abuse situation, having an attorney is crucial. Your attorney can not only help you find a safe place to stay, you can also create a strategy for handling the legal issues and personal problems that are likely to arise. If you are being wrongfully accused of abuse, your lawyer can take immediate action to set the record straight.
  3. Divorce attorneys are familiar with the family law courts and the judges that will preside over your case. Your lawyer can help you understand how a certain judge is likely to rule in a situation like yours when it comes to issues of spousal support, child support, custody and the division of assets.
  4. Once you decide you are ready to proceed with your divorce, an attorney can assist you with the pre-planning matters. This includes gathering all of the documentation you will need, including the necessary paperwork to support your financial disclosures.
  5. Divorce lawyers usually have seen a wide variety of cases and they are adept at predicting problems that may arise in your case. For example, if it appears that your spouse is hiding assets, your attorney can assist you with discovering it and preventing it.

Having a divorce lawyer by your side helps ensure that you will not be blindsided by the process. You will understand what to expect and how to best protect yourself. Having legal counsel by your side each step of the way is the best possible means for obtaining a positive result.

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