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What Information will my Divorce Attorney Need?
What Information will my Divorce Attorney Need?

If your marriage is ending, there is a substantial amount of information and documentation your divorce attorney will need to review in order to represent you and protect your legal rights. The quicker you get us involved, the more likely your divorce will go smoothly. Having the information we need from the start can help make the process more efficient and effective.

Below are examples of some of the financial information your divorce lawyer will need:

  • Tax returns. Your tax return can provide a comprehensive view of your finances.
  • Pay stubs. You will need to prove your income (and your spouse’s income).
  • Deeds to property held jointly. Real property generally cannot be divided, so it usually is transferred to one spouse or sold with the proceeds being split between the spouses.
  • Accounts. Documentation regarding your bank accounts, retirement accounts and investment accounts are necessary to determine how to equitably divide the marital property.
  • Prenuptial agreement. If you and your spouse executed a valid prenuptial agreement, it will control in a Florida divorce. In other words, the contract will determine how the property and assets will be divided.

The above list is not exhaustive, but it can provide you a start in giving your lawyer an overview of your finances. You will also need to discuss the details regarding the custody arrangement for your minor children, as well as matters regarding child support.

The more time you put into thinking about and gathering the information your divorce lawyer will need, the more likely you will be able to reach a settlement with your spouse that covers all of the relevant issues.

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