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What is Divorce Crowdfunding?
What is Divorce Crowdfunding?

The Internet has been responsible for an incredible amount of innovation. Some of it has been great, some questionable and others still just odd. Divorce crowdfunding lands somewhere in the middle.

Crowdfunding has skyrocketed in popularity over the last five years. Sites like GoFundMe, Kickstarter and IndieGoGo have raised millions of dollars for a variety of causes, including medical bills, school tuition and business ventures.

Now, the game has changed considerably. Not only can you launch a Kickstarter to get funding for your new idea, you can launch a Plumfund campaign to raise money to pay for your divorce.

The process is rather simple. You create an account, define what you’re raising money for, set a goal (in most cases) and start accepting donations. Most people spread the news of the campaign through their Facebook and Twitter accounts, hoping to catch the eye of sympathetic family members and friends.

Ultimately, it’s a smart move for many folks facing divorce. The dissolution of a marriage will bring a lot of new expenses, not including legal fees. More than likely, each party will have to secure a new place to live, which also means new furniture and moving costs. And that’s before you get into the court costs and any possible spousal or child support payments.

This is a legitimate option for those who will need financial assistance to get back on their feet. A young mother could use this option to help pay for education or training that will allow her to ease into her new life with a little bit of cushion. Considering the plethora of other fundraising campaigns out there, you will need to be creative, honest and genuinely in need to garner much support.

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