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What Occurs in a Florida Contested Divorce?
What Occurs in a Florida Contested Divorce?

There are two types of divorce in Florida: contested and uncontested. If a divorce is uncontested, it means that the parties agree on all the issues and the process is simpler. This blog will focus on what occurs when your divorce is contested.

Below is a summary of the steps involved in a Florida contested divorce:

·       Petition. One party begins the divorce by filing a petition with the family law court.

·       Standing orders. The court will issue standing orders that prevent either spouse from selling assets, changing their estate plans or stopping the payment of bills.

·       Service. The petition and standing orders must be formally served on the other spouse, who then has 20 days to file an answer to the petition.

·       Financial disclosure. The parties must file their financial disclosures within 45 days from the date the answer was filed. The financial disclosures include bank statements, credit card bills, tax returns and other similar financial records.

·       Mediation. The parties can meet with a neutral third-party and discuss the issues in the case. This includes child custody, visitation, child support, division of property, spousal support and any other issue the parties are in disagreement over. Many divorce cases are settled during the mediation process.

·       Trial. If a case is not settled in mediation, it proceeds to trial before a judge. The judge will review the evidence and hear oral arguments on the issues, then render a decision on all matters in the divorce case.

It should be noted that if there are minor children involved in the divorce case, the parties are required to take a parenting class, which is offered online.

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