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“Where the Wild Things Are”: Good for children?
“Where the Wild Things Are”: Good for children?

We all remember the child book “Where the Wild Things Are” about a boy who gets sent to his room without eating and journeys into a world of his own imagination; however, what does the movie have that the book does not?

From a book made mostly of pictures to an hour and a half movie, a lot more story had to be added in order for the film to fill in the extra time. The movie is about a boy, Max, who is dealing with his parents’ divorce by rebelling and acting out. Although the detail and animation is superb, the storyline seems to send the wrong message in that it suggests the children are the ones responsible for moving past their parents’ divorce.

Children going through a divorce can be on a steep emotional edge. It is important for both parents to stay involved to reassure the kids that they are still loved equally and that the divorce is not their fault.

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