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Will Kaley Cuoco have to pay Spousal Support?
Will Kaley Cuoco have to pay Spousal Support?

Kaley Cuoco has filed for divorce from Ryan Sweeting. According to US Magazine, Cuoco’s estranged husband is seeking a court order granting him spousal support. The pleadings filed by the attorneys for the Big Bang Theory actress confirm that alimony is payable, but only pursuant to the terms set forth in the couple’s prenuptial agreement.

Cuoco and the professional tennis player ended their marriage after only 21 months. Cuoco cited ‘irreconcilable differences” for the reason their relationship ended and said in a statement that: “Kaley Cuoco and Ryan Sweeting have mutually decided to end their marriage. They ask for privacy at this time. No further statement will be issued regarding this matter.”

Cuoco also shot down rumors that she was getting back together with ex-boyfriend and Big Bang Theory co-star Johnny Galecki. There have been numerous reports that Cuoco and Sweeting’s relationship fell apart because of Sweeting’s addiction to painkillers and other personal struggles.

Sweeting, a former tennis pro, is reportedly worth $2 million. The exact amount of spousal support being sought by Sweeting is unclear, but it is clear that he wants to court to determine that Cuoco is not entitled to any alimony support from him. Further, Sweeting wants Cuoco to pay his attorney’s fees, even though the couple’s prenuptial agreement provides that each party would pay their own legal fees.

Cuoco is one of the highest (if not the highest) paid women on television. She is paid $1 million per episode of Big Bang Theory and the last five seasons of the show have been twenty-four episodes each. Cuoco is estimated to be worth approximately $45 million.

You can’t blame Sweeting for trying to get spousal support from Cuoco, but he may be out of luck. A good prenuptial agreement can help avoid long battles over financial matters such as alimony. If the prenup was properly drafted, it will control and provide Cuoco a significant advantage in persuading the court that it should dictate the amount of spousal support to be awarded. While the details of the couple’s prenup have not been made public, it presumably favors Cuoco.

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