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5 Ways for Stay-at-Home Dads to Generate Income
5 Ways for Stay-at-Home Dads to Generate Income

In today’s downturn economy, generating extra cash-flow is a priority for many adults. published a list of five ways that stay-at-home dads can make money online.

Forget selling used goods on such mega-sites as EBay and Amazon. This article show stay-at-home dads how to sell their skills and intelligent work product on the online marketplace.

1) Sell e-Books and short reports.

Something that you can get started with right away that does not require that you spend much money is to sell e-books and short reports. This content is relatively easy to produce and can command a very high price. The secret here is to not let yourself become discouraged if you don’t begin to see sales immediately. This is something that will take a little bit of time to cultivate.

2) Generate advertising revenue with content.

To the extent you have no interest in selling e-books or short reports, you may want to consider creating website content that will generate advertising revenue. This is something that a lot of stay-at-home dads can do very well with given the fact that you are not required to perform any kind of daily service. This frees your time up to pursue other activities and to do other things.

3) Perform various services for a fee.

You can offer to perform various services for a fee. This can truly be a win-win situation for both you and your customer. Why? Because they have something that needs to get done that they’d rather pay someone else to do.

4) Promote other people’s products and services.

You don’t actually have to own your own product or service to earn money from selling these types of things. You need to have a credible offer that you can get behind and start pushing online. You don’t have to worry about customer service or any of those other issues — they’re handled by the vendor. You simply earn a commission whenever a sale is made.

5) Do freelance work for others.

You can generate business for yourself by offering to perform a variety of tasks that can range from providing customer support on behalf of others to generating web content. This all falls under the banner of freelance work.

In short, if you’re a stay at home dad looking for a way to earn some extra money online, there are a lot of options for you to choose from.

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