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Baby Boomers Are Breaking Up
Baby Boomers Are Breaking Up


While divorce transcends all age brackets, the divorce rate of people over 50 has doubled since 1990. Researchers predict “gray divorces” will triple by 2030.

In an article entitled “Gray Divorce: A Growing Risk Regardless of Class or Education,” the author stated, “In contrast to the seeming stabilization of divorce rates for the general population over the past two decades, the gray divorce rate has doubled.”

Although the baby boomer generation may not have to deal with issues related to child custody in their divorce, they do need to consider the distribution of assets, debts, pension, and retirement accounts. The fair distribution of funds should be emphasized considering that both parties may be at or approaching retirement age. Projections indicate that approximately 50 percent of the first marriages of the baby boom generation will end in divorce, but this rate is expect to decline to 40 percent for the generations that follow the baby boomers.

An experienced attorney can help secure the proper distribution of property. At the Men’s Divorce Law Firm we understand that division of marital property can be a difficult piece of the case. Throughout the case, this distribution is generally called equitable distribution. Unlike other states, Florida’s Courts require that all marital assets be divided equally. Although most would associate the word property with homes or land, all marital assets can be called into question and divided.

Examples are different types of property to be distributed would be:

  • Marital Homes
  • Rental Homes
  • Retirement Accounts
  • Savings Accounts
  • Life Insurance Accounts
  • Vehicles

Although complex property distributions can be difficult to determine, our attorneys at the Men’s Divorce Law Firm are extremely experienced with such complexities. We strive to insure that you receive a fair distribution and fight to prevent any significant losses.

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