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The Road to an Amicable Divorce
The Road to an Amicable Divorce

If you are facing divorce and you have heard horror stories of how destructive it can be for families, it is important to understand that you and your spouse have the power to have an amicable divorce. Consider the following pieces of advice:

Be united on matters involving children

Custody issues are typically the most stressful and emotional parts of a divorce. Deciding where the children should live and how much parenting time each parent gets can be difficult, especially when a custody decision also has financial consequences in the form of child support.

If you and your spouse can agree that a custody battle is harmful to your children and agree to work together, your kids will likely fare much better. You were able to work together as a team while you were married, so continue those same efforts.

Leave girlfriends and boyfriends out of it

If you and your spouse are dating other people, don’t let them play a part in your divorce. Their involvement will only increase the tension and hurt feelings. They may be a part of your future, but it is not fair to your spouse to allow an outsider to play a role in your divorce.

Mediate sooner than later

If you and your spouse can enter your divorce with the goal of mediating and settling the issues between you, it will put you in the right frame of mind to accomplish your goal of an amicable divorce. It is important to inform your attorney that you want to mediate and settle your divorce. You can even start the mediation process before the divorce action is filed. Settling your divorce is not only better for your children, but it typically will save you a substantial amount of money.

Play nice and be honest

You should never attempt to hide assets or default on bills. This is not a way to “punish” your spouse because it only harms everyone involved. If you take actions attempting to make your spouse pay or otherwise damage her, it will only make your divorce last longer and be more expensive.

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