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Uncontested Divorces
Uncontested Divorces

Divorce doesn’t have to be the bitter battle we often see on television shows. In fact, for many couples who are able to amicably work out their issues, divorce doesn’t have to be ugly. An uncontested divorce or collaborative divorce occurs when the spouses agree that divorce is in the best interests of the family and they can reach a settlement on issues such as custody, parenting time, child support, alimony and the division of property.

It is important to work with an uncontested divorce lawyer to ensure that you and your spouse reach a fair divorce settlement. We can help you understand all of your various options and ensure that you are not pressured into accepting an agreement that is unmanageable or unfair to you.  We can also draft the settlement agreement to accurately reflect what you and your spouse agree upon.

Having a divorce attorney on your side can also help protect you if your uncontested divorce turns into a highly contested battle. This is a factor we consider when drafting the paperwork as well as considering how and when to notify your spouse regarding a contested issue.

It is possible to handle your divorce without an attorney, but doing so subjects you to substantial risk. Not only does having an attorney help protect your best interests, it also improves the chance of resolving the issues related to your divorce amicably. Our lawyers are capable of helping you resolve even the most complex issues while avoiding expensive fights. You should avoid lawyers that encourage you to fight over issues that are not in your best interests simply because they want to generate legal fees.

If you need assistance with your divorce, contact the Men’s Divorce Law Firm today. Our approach to family law is quite simple: we listen to you; we return your calls promptly; we keep you prepared and informed; we respect your time; we understand your concerns; and, most importantly, we care.