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Why a DIY Divorce is a Bad Idea
Why a DIY Divorce is a Bad Idea

Many couples that are facing the end of their marriage worry about the cost of the divorce process. As a result, they believe it will save them money to use “do it yourself” forms. There are numerous websites that claim they can assist you with filing your divorce and save you thousands of dollars by not using legal professionals. Sadly, a DIY divorce can result in many costly problems and you can end up losing much more than you would have spent on hiring an attorney.

Some of the problems many people encounter when they attempt to file a divorce action without the assistance of an attorney include:

  • Using incorrect forms. Most DIY forums are not created by attorneys. They are often prepared by paralegals or individuals with no legal experience. The forms are often generic and may not be appropriate for your specific jurisdiction. As a result, you can spend a significant amount of time and money attempting to amend and correct your initial filings, but still be left unable to obtain a divorce decree.
  • No legal advice. When you use a pre-packaged divorce kit, you only get forms, but there is nobody there to provide you with the advice and guidance you need. In fact, the company that sold you the DIY forms cannot lawfully provide you any sort of legal advice unless the individual you are speaking with is a licensed attorney. This means that you are given a stack of forms and left to figure them out on your own. Unfortunately, this can lead to numerous costly mistakes.
  • Nobody to fight for you. As the name indicates, DIY means you are on your own. You do not have an advocate on your side that is fighting for your best interests throughout the entire case. There is nobody there to make sure you don’t sign something that is not required or that is otherwise detrimental to you. If there are children involved, having an advocate on your side can be extremely important in negotiations regarding child custody, visitation and child support.

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